Sat, 26 Oct


Lockswood Community Centre

Hampshire Antiques & Brocante (October)

Browse indoors amongst over 40+ stalls offering decorative Antiques, Collectables, Vintage, Jewellery, Retro, Furniture & mixed Paraphernalia.  

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Hampshire Antiques & Brocante (October)

Time & Location

26 Oct 2019, 10:00 – 15:00

Lockswood Community Centre, Lockswood Centre, Locks Heath, Southampton SO31 6DX, UK

About The Event

About the Antiques & Brocante

Visitors to this event can find a vast range of antiques from over the ages to suit all budgets. But, what does Brocante mean we hear you ask!?! It is the french word for flea market, so alongside antiques you can experience a great posh flea market with:

~ Antiques

~ Collectables

~ Vintage

~ Brocante French Upcycled

~ Retro

~ Precious & Semi Precious Jewellery

~ Furniture

~ Mixed Paraphernalia & more!

It is a real Aladdin's Cave with lots of indoor stands and you will no doubt find some wonderful unique things here!

As it's indoors you can stay warm and dry whilst browsing around. Facilities including toilets and refreshments with tables and chairs available. We hold these a few times a year, so spaces get booked up quickly and are well attended with over a few hundred visitors and gaining more interest at each event!

About Hants Events

The team at Hants Events believe that all events should be run smoothly for our stallholders and visitors. Most importantly, we expect to deliver a friendly enjoyable event. All our exhibitors are greeted and shown to their spaces and we make sure that each exhibitor has support during the whole day.

We organise events of various types and styles. These include indoor Car Boot Sales, Wedding Boot Fairs, Craft & Gift Fairs, Teddy Bear Fairs, Chocolate and Treats Fairs, Pet Fairs and Dog Shows. You’ll find all the currently confirmed events for 2019 on our website. We constantly strive to offer well-organised, professional events at reasonable prices for exhibitors.

We very much hope you’ll be able to join us in 2019!

Sam Paterson and the Hants Events Team

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Antiques & Brocante Sellers

  • Space to Sell - £22
  • L-Shaped Space - £38
  • Table Hire - £5
  • Chair Hire - FREE
  • Parking - FREE


Terms & Conditions of Booking

When you complete a booking and make payment, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to obtain their own public liability and event cancellation insurance and we recommend doing so, although this is not a requirement.


Set up in peace from 9:00am - 10:00am. Park outside at the front, unload, set up your table and space, park your car and sit down ready for visitors with a cuppa! It's £22 for a six foot space, bring along your own table (must fit into the six foot space). We will also provide you with a chair or two to use on the day for free included in the space fee. If you would prefer to hire a table from us on the day (6 foot sturdy table) then you can at an additional cost of £5 at the time of booking. If you are planning on selling clothes too, alongside your table, you must be able to fit this within your six foot space safely. (This isn't possible with six foot tables as you end up encroaching onto next doors space) If not, you will need to book an additional space, bring your own hanging rail (3 foot). Please ensure you are fully familiar with all terms and conditions as laid out on this page.


The booking system is hosted by Wix the website provider, directly to us. When booking full payment must be made. You can book directly online or via telephone: 01329 484148. Please make sure you have read and understood all terms and conditions as well as the cancellation policy before booking. Any queries can be emailed to:


We understand you may need to cancel your bookings for whatever reason. Please advise of of your cancellation via telephone or email in the first instance. Unfortunately we can not transfer bookings so if you have to cancel for any reason, here is our cancellation and refund policy:

  • If you decide to cancel part or all of your booking up to 14 days before the event, a refund can be requested via email to: There is a £5 administration fee per booking. This covers all and any unrecoverable charges, fees and costs involved.
  • For cancellations made within 14 days commencement of the event, you will receive 50% of the booking refunded.
  • Cancellations made within 7 days or less of the commencement of the event are not entitled to refunds.
  • Bookings are non transferable.
  • Hants Events at our sole discretion may cancel any booking at any given time without giving a reason in such case the Exhibitor’s payment will be refunded in full.
  • Should Hants Events be forced to cancel due to circumstances outside of their control, (extreme weather, acts of god etc.) refunds will be subject to the terms of the cancellation, also the opportunity to transfer the booking to a new event , should the need arise. Hants Events accept no responsibility for any costs incurred by the Exhibitor fore staffing, travel, printing or any other related preparation expenses, if the event does not take place for any reason. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to obtain its own Event Cancellation Insurance to cover such situations but we strongly hope this will not be the case.

Allocation of Exhibitor Space(s)

Stand space(s) will be allocated by Hants Events, although every effort will be made to accommodate an Exhibitors request(s) this cannot be guaranteed, we reserve the right to assign space as we determine beneficial to this event, taking into consideration all other Exhibitors and their requirements but particularly the impact any requests may make on the overall event.

If an Exhibitor is not present by 9:45am which is 15 minutes of the event start time, they forfeit their allocated space. How the space is then allocated is at the sole discretion of Hants Events. All exhibitors agree to only occupy the space they have selected and paid for on their booking form. If the Exhibitor, for whom the space was originally allocated to, arrives after 9:45 am they are no longer entitled to this space and may be offered an alternative space, possibly differing in size, if available and at the sole discretion of Hants Events. No refunds may be given.

Food Vendors

All vendors must have relevant equipment certificates and permissions to attend with fire safety equipment. These must be available for inspection on the day.

Guidelines & Information

Exhibitors may only promote/exhibit (including the distribution of marketing material from their stand) the business(s) that they have detailed on their Pre-Booking Form or email and cannot promote details of another business that is not their own, without prior permission from Hants Events.


Admission charges for visitors apply as detailed at the entrance/registration of the event and/or as listed on the Hants Events website. Admission may be refused to any person that Hants Events does not wish to attend the fair, without giving any reason.

As an Exhibitor, if you have arranged for a customer to collect an item directly from you whilst you are Exhibiting at the event, they will need to pay the admission charge to attend the event. Exhibitors do not pay entry fees (max two per table)

Conduct of Exhibitors

Hants Events reserve the right to stop any activity on the part of an Exhibitor that may cause annoyance to other Exhibitors or visitors. Business must be conducted only from the Exhibitors’ own stand and under no circumstances may this be carried out from elsewhere in the Exhibition. We will not tolerate any conduct or behaviour that is seen to be inappropriate, discriminatory or offensive to other exhibitors, venue or visitors to the event.

The Exhibitor must not encroach upon exits, corridors or walkways, articles may be removed by Hants Events, with no responsibility on its part for any loss or damage by such removal. Hants Events reserve the right to remove any Exhibitor in the case of failure to comply with these Terms & Conditions and there shall be no refund of payment if such action is deemed necessary by the us or the venue. Any damages caused by the exhibitor to the venue or equipment (tables, chairs, etc) will have to be paid for by the exhibitor.

General Event Information

Hants Events will be in touch with the Exhibitors by e-mail in advance of the event as to the details of the fair including details such as arrival times and procedures, setting up, security, parking and other important details. The information contained in such email will replace any previous information sent regarding the procedures at the Fair. It is the Exhibitors responsibility to familiarise themselves with the contents of such e-mails and to ensure that such information is passed on to their team, we would also advise exhibitors to confirm receipt of any emails to them.

Exhibitors are not allowed to dismantle their display prior to the published closing time, either partially or completely.

If an Exhibitor has to leave the event at any given time during the fairs operating times, for a non-emergency related reason, prior notification must be given to Hants Events in writing which may mean that Hants Events relocates the Exhibitors positioning within the event, to lessen any impact on the Fairs ambience and as not to cause any general disruption to other Exhibitors. No refunds will be given if the new space allocated is smaller than the Exhibitor originally booked. Please note that apart from in an unavoidable emergency situation (where we would generally ask that the Exhibitor leave their display intact if at all possible and we will oversee dismantling and secure storage) any Exhibitor who opts to ignore our policy regarding packing away early, will be under scrutiny in future bookings.

All display materials must be completely removed from the venue at the end of the event, it is the Exhibitors responsibility to ensure that they have all of their possessions. All Exhibitors must leave their space free of litter and must remove any litter they or their visitors may have generated and dispose thereof properly.


It's imperative to us for the event to be busy! One method to achieve great exposure is using the largest platform of promotion being social media to advertise our events. Our Facebook pages have many followers and we invest in targeted sponsored adverts, to find interested visitors, exhibitors and families. The Hants Events Web Site has lots of traffic encouraging bookings which can be made directly on the our site. This ensures visitors a smooth experience and avoids leaving to a third party tickets agency. A minimum of five thousand leaflets are printed and delivered around the area. Posters are sent to local shops and areas of interest. The event is advertised in local magazines also throughout relevant internet sites. We also hold many other events throughout the year allowing us to promote the Craft & Gift Fair at these throughout the year.

Health & Safety, Fire, and General Standards

Exhibitors must adhere to all fire, health, safety laws and regulations. Aisles and fire exits must be kept clear at all times. Exhibitors must also comply with rules and regulations prescribed by the venue. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to assist at Exhibitors stands during opening times of the event. Any Exhibitors offering products and services within the food industry must be registered with their local environmental health authority and hold all relevant certificates and consents, which must also be available for inspection if requested.


It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to be properly insured (including but not limited to public liability insurance) for any claims by any person or persons visiting or partaking in our events. The Exhibitor shall indemnify Hants Events against any claim or action for any injury or death being caused to any persons whosoever by any negligence on the part of the Exhibitor or for any damage to any property by the Exhibitor. Exhibitors accept liability for all acts or omissions of themselves and their agents or representatives. Hants Events will not be responsible for the safety of any property owned by or brought to the event by an exhibitor or any other person on his behalf, or for any loss or damage that may occur to such property, unless caused by Hants Event's negligence.

Trading Standards

All exhibitors must be aware of the general legal requirements and any specific requirements and regulations applying to particular products. For example, clear and fair pricing is important and there are legal requirements. There are extra regulations relating to some products including toys, soaps, cosmetics, foods, etc. It is important to be aware of the requirements and we encourage exhibitors to contact their local Trading Standards office for advice. In our experience, Trading Standards officers have always been very friendly and helpful. They are not there to cause problems, just to help you to avoid mistakes and omissions. Again, please let us know if you have any concerns on this subject. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with all requirements.

Electrical Equipment

It is not the responsibility of Hants events to provide electrical facilities for the Exhibitor, unless access to an electrical supply has been requested. Exhibitors must provide their own extension lead which must also display a current PAT Certification Label, as must any other electrical equipment used on/for the Exhibitors display. Failure of such equipment not complying with current legislation may result in the exhibitor being unable to use the particular item(s) in question. All cables/electrical leads, connected to an electricity supply must be covered by an appropriate ‘trip-guard’ (either rubber or be taped securely to the floor and approved by Hants events) No refunds will be given whereby the Exhibitor cannot display their business or services in this manner, due to their non compliance with current PAT Certification requirements.

Data Protection

Hants events operate a strict policy of not passing on any form of data, collected from visitors to our events, to any third parties. Exhibitors are responsible for their own data capture whilst attending our events. We ask that any such facility is clearly detailed on your exhibitor stand, disassociating Hants events from the method by which you are obtaining the information. You must comply with the Data Protection Act as to how you use/handle any personal data.

Should a member of the public contact Hants events to request an exhibitor’s detail, we will be entitled to forward the Exhibitors business name, address and all relevant contact information as provided on their Booking Form.


Should any visitors to our events make a direct complaint to Hants events on more than three occasions about a particular business exhibiting at our fairs, relating to any form of service, activity, trades description, manner (oral or written communication) Hants events in its sole discretion has the right to terminate any future bookings, refunding any monies paid in respect of such future bookings. Hants events will not be associated with any business that is unprofessional or has a detrimental effect on the actual event or overall reputation of Hants event’s business.

Should an Exhibitor have a justifiable complaint on the day of an event, relating directly to/or affecting the event and their ability to exhibit, they must address the nature and details directly to Hants events only (not the venue or any other representative) The Exhibitor must discuss in a courteous manner, in private away from all other Exhibitors, the nature of their complaint and proposed solution. Hants events will aim to resolve the issue, given the time, situation and feasibility of resolving the complaint to a satisfactory level for both p