Saturday 24th October 2020

Chocolate, treats and all things sweet! Indulge your senses with a whole day of artisan chocolatiers, scrumptious gifts and a great selection of cakes, biscuits, fudge and drinks. 



About the event

Indulge in unique chocolates and treats to tease your taste buds. Visit to experience luxury festive treats, handmade chocolates, fudges, sweets and treats with a few wines and spirits thrown in! There will be music as well as free entry into a luxury yummy prize draw. As this event is indoors you can stay warm and dry whilst browsing around. Facilities including toilets and refreshments with tables and chairs available. 

The Main Hall, Lockswood Community Centre, Locks Heath Shopping Village, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 6DX


You will find hundreds of chocolates, treats and all things sweet!

  • Open 11am - 3pm

  • Perfect for a all manner of treats

  • £1 entry (under 12s 50p)

  • Free Parking

  • Refreshments available inside the centre

  • Cashpoints available nearby

  • Good disabled access

  • No need to pre-book - just pay on entry


Perfect event for any one who offers food or gifts related to chocolate and sweet treats! This is the perfect opportunity to showcase festive chocolate and treats inspired food and gifts.

  • Set up 9:30am - 11am 

  • Spaces available from £35

  • Tables available for hire

  • Lovely, friendly event!

  • Full details are below in the FAQs

  • Before booking, please email us to confirm there is availability for you to book a space.


Chocolate & Treats Fair FAQs

What time can buyers arrive?

Buyers can arrive from 11am and the fair closes at 3pm.

What can you sell?

The Chocolate & Treats Fair is open to those selling luxury festive treats, handmade chocolates, fudges, sweets and cheeses and other items pertaining to this theme. Only stalls offering items that will suit the theme of the event may book. If unsure, please contact 01329 484148 to double check.

How much does it cost to sell?


  • It's £35 for a six foot space (bring your own table)
  • Hire a 6ft table from us for £5
  • Electricity available for limited number of stall - please add at booking.

Do I have to bring my own table?

If you don't have a table to use, you can hire one for the event when you book your space. Please make sure you add this option when you book and your table will be ready set up for you in your space on the day! We supply at least one or two chairs for each space free of charge.

What about Parking?

The Locks Heath Shopping Village offers hundreds of free parking spaces, however please be aware that parking is restricted to 3 hours. If you are selling, you can park outside the front of the building to unload. You will need to provide your registration number in advance of the event whilst booking. This is so you will not get any charges for staying over the 3 hour period. We provide this registration number to the Locks Heath Shopping Village management team in advance of the event so please make sure that the vehicle registration you provide us is the vehicle you will be bringing on the day. There is plenty of disabled parking bays right outside the building. Disabled parking will still need to provide us with registration details. Only one vehicle can be registered for free parking for each event. If you are bringing multiple vehicles, we recommend parking outside the centre to avoid possible parking charges. Sorry, Hants Events has no responsibility for any parking tickets issued due to non-compliance.

Is there disabled access?

There is very good disabled access to the event with disabled toilets and parking readily available.

Can I cancel my booking?

Of course! Unfortunately we can not transfer bookings so if you have to cancel for any reason, here is our cancellation and refund policy: If you decide to cancel part or all of your booking before the event, you can request a refund and this will be given no matter what the reason subject to a £10 administration fee per booking (up to 30 days before the event). This covers all and any unrecoverable charges, fees and costs involved as well as the risk of non - re-sale. For cancellations & refund requests thirty days or less before the event, these will not be entitled to any refunds under any circumstances. Bookings are non transferable.

What time does it close?

The sale will finish no earlier than 3pm. No packing away is permitted before this time.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us in any of the following ways. Email us at hantsevents@yahoo.co.uk Phone us at 07841 660177 or 01329 484148 Or click here to send a message via the site.

How many stalls will there be?

We have approximately 40 stalls.

How do you advertise the event?

Glad you ask! We have thousands of flyers printed throughout the year and delivered by hand to the local area. We also cross-promote at all our other events. We have regular adverts within local magazines and newspapers. We use social media to spread the word to thousands of people around Hampshire. We also advertise on various websites that inform the public of events. We are always looking for new ways to expand reputation of all our events and welcome all suggestions.

How can I pay for a space?

You can pay in either of these ways: 1. In person at any of our events with cash. 2. Right here on the website using debit or credit card. 3. Phone us and we will process your booking via debit or credit card.

What is your privacy policy?

Click here to view our privacy policy.

Do I need any insurances or certificates?

We have our own public liablility insurance that covers our events. This does not cover you or your stall so we always recommend our stallholdershave their own PLI. You will also need an up to date Food and Hygiene Certificate for any stalls selling food or drinks.

What do I do before I book?

If you are interested in a space please only book after you have filled in the pre-booking form. If you book without checking and someone else has already booked with the same stall type, we may have to cancel your booking and refund you. Of course most stalls will offer similar items, we cannot avoid this.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Freshly Baked Cakes
Chocolate Dessert
Chocolate Pineapple
Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate and Nuts
Round Chocolate Truffles
Purple Themed Wedding
Chocolate Truffles
Hazelnut Chocolate
Chocolate Bites
Heart Dessert

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